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Diaries of greed, lust and love - Love Locked published

The writings of Wakeman Frith and Others circa 1720.

An historical romance set against the violence and political intrigue when the waterways first came to Reading.

Stalking story wins crime competition

My story broadcast in 1986 on radio was printed in dot-matrix on fan-fold paper and the narrative was erratic, the text overwritten. The major rewrite was enough to join the structural dots matrix to win the crime story competition.

The Choir, a review that grew

This fresh piece of prose started as a short review of the BBC2 programme The Choir and gradually absorbed the writer.

Little Willie at Telscombe Cliffs Tavern

A new Little Willie poem about a disputed table reservation in a tavern.
I wrote it for my winter solstice salutations this year.

Talk on Writing for Fun at Information Day

The theme for the Slough Older Peoples' Forum information day was on having an active mature life. This included mental as well as physical exercise.

My talk concentrated on writing for oneself (the journal as self-expression, or therapy) and writing for those one knows (for celebrations, the family history).

Thames Path Tales series is launched

I am gradually adding these short stories set along the River Thames into a free-to-read collection on my blog site. They are to give you a look at my quick-read fiction and because they are enjoyable to write. And to read I hope.

Rhinocerotic and other dark stories are published

The second volume of Coffee Break Stories is published and available from Amazon.
These stories are much darker than the first collection, with adult themes. Some may require a second cup of coffee as the collection includes a couple of longer stories.

Glow magazine publishes story from collection

Fruits of War, a story from the first volume of Coffee Break Stories is featured in Glow magazine.

Computer Dating coffee break stories published

Twenty of my award winning short stories are now available as an ebook collection. This is the first volume in the Coffee Break series.

"An enthralling and varied collection of short stories . . . excellent value for money."

Editor's high praise for rejuvenation article

Janice Raycroft, editor of Berkshire Life, was fulsome in her comments on my article for the glossy magazine.

The article was on senior citizens doing it for themselves.

Angel's Trumpet wins horror story competition

My story Angel's Trumpet was placed second in the peer-judged competition. Pretty good considering feedback ranged from "I've gone cold from reading this, am still stunned" to "shows wit but not sure that works in a horror story".

Commendation for a found poem in a diary

While her husband was filming "Apocalypse Now" Eleanor Coppola kept a diary. I turned extracts into my found poem Apocalypse Postponed. Jonathan Steffen commended it for being "highly original and emotionally very strong".

A story of documents wins competition on identity

Editor Melanie Gow judged Past Form winner of a story competition with the theme of Identity. "This format could have been a gimmick but the writer displayed a clear idea of what he intended to achieve. He pulled it off."

Holiday drama success in Guardian Travel competition

My real life near-death experience while on holiday in Salobrena is runner-up in the Guardian Travel Writing competition.

Tanka poem a winner in South Africa themed competition

Inspired by Zulu beading this winning poem is presented in a necklace of coloured beads. The poem is of two tanka with the first The Fire of the Wind in Zulu and the second A Diamond in the Eye in English.

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